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Approximately 100 cholera deaths were recorded across Syria

The death toll from cholera has reached approximately 100 across Syria, since the first cholera case was discovered 3 months ago in Assad regime-held areas last September.

The Support Coordination Unit in northern Syria announced the documentation of 47 deaths, distributed as the following:
-30 deaths in northeastern Syria.
-17 deaths in the north and northwest Syria.

The number of suspected cholera cases reached 22,763 in north and northwest Syria, including 484 confirmed cases.

The Assad regime’s health ministry announced the registration of 1,609 confirmed cholera cases in its areas, with 49 deaths due to cholera disease.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations said: Cholera has spread in most parts of Syria. The limited testing capacities and the collapsing healthcare system make it difficult to identify the number of confirmed cases, as it is estimated to be much higher than the announced statistics.

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