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A drone targets oil tanker tanks off the coast of Baniyas in the Mediterranean

The “Oil Ministry” of the Assad regime announced that a fire broke out yesterday, Saturday, in one of the tanks of an oil tanker off the coast of Baniyas in the Mediterranean, after it was exposed to what it believed to be a drone attack, and Iranian media mentioned that it was an Iranian oil tanker.

The news agency “SANA” affiliated with the Assad regime said that the plane that carried out the attack was coming from the direction of the Lebanese territorial waters, without indicating the party responsible for the operation, stressing that the firefighting teams were able to control and extinguish the fire.

For its part, “Al-Alam TV” affiliated with Iran said that the targeted oil tanker is one of three Iranian tankers that have recently arrived at the Syrian port of Banias.

It is noteworthy that this targeting comes in light of repeated Israeli bombing of Iranian targets in Syria, as well as following operations targeting Israeli and Iranian ships in the context of what have been described as mutual attacks between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

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