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The Israeli “INSS” Center: The Syrian situation is important to Israel and forms an opportunity for its stability

Within a bold line, “The civil war is over,” the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies(INSS) published a report in which it said, after 11 years of heavy loss for the Syrian opposition and a “hollow victory” for Bashar al-Assad, without actual control over all of Syria.

The report emphasized the importance of Syrian situation for Israel, which forms an opportunity for Israel to have an impact on its formation and stability.

Syria has become divided and under the control of foreign powers. Syria also suffers from severe economic and humanitarian crisis. This transitional phase forms an opportunity for Tel Aviv to play a role in its formation and stability, according to the report.

The report recommended that the air strikes must continue inside Syria to prevent Iranian positioning because these strikes gave the Assad a pretext to expel the Iranians from Syria while preserving the coordination mechanism with Russians.

Fresh Online website published earlier a news, simulating Iran’s exploitation of the war in Ukraine to expand its influence at the expense of Russian influence.

The report also recommended to deal with the divided Syria and establishing special relations with what it called potential local allies, especially the “Kurds in the northeast of the country and the Druze in the south.”

The report praised the “Kurdish” experience in northwestern Syria in establishing an autonomous region and a successful administration that is not free of corruption.

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