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“The Washington Post” Newspaper: Washington and its allies seek a different world without Russia

The Washington Post newspaper revealed in a report yesterday, that Washington and its allies seek to set up a plan to isolate and weaken Russia for a long-term.

The newspaper said in the report that after Vladimir Putin’s brutal attack on Ukraine, the Biden administration and its European allies started planning “a much different world”, in which they do not coexist with Russia.

The report confirms that NATO, the European Union, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense, are discussing plans to establish new policies in every aspects related to Moscow in different departments: defense, finance, trade, and diplomacy.

The newspaper pointed out that the West’s anger was directed at the Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, as a senior diplomat in the European Union said: “We are not talking about changing the regime, but it’s hard to imagine a stable scenario with Putin acting the way he is.”

At the same time, the “Washington Post” acknowledged that the new strategy is much broader than simply confronting Putin, stressing that work continues in the West to revise important documents that are expected to be presented in the coming months.

The newspaper noted that the long-term strategy is based in principle on three main points: increasing sanctions on Moscow, providing weapons aid to Ukraine, and the deployment of tens of thousands of their own troops to NATO’s eastern border.

The report suggested that the new strategy that is expected to be presented in the coming months will go far beyond the Kremlin leader, and it is also expected that Biden’s first national security strategy, which has been required since last year but not yet completed, will be changed, adding that the Pentagon’s new national defense strategy was sent Secretly to Congress the last month, which includes a summary of the “Russian Challenge in Europe” as well as Chinese threats.

The report added: The European Union developed plans to reduce its dependence on Russian gas by two-thirds by the end of this year and end all fossil fuel imports from Russia by 2030.

US allies have announced a significant increase in defense budgets. Finland and Sweden are expected to apply for NATO membership prior to the June summit, which significantly increases the alliance’s military presence near Russia.

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