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The Syrian Coalition: The international community must stop supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces

The Secretary-General of the Syrian National Coalition, Haithm Rahma, said: “the international community must immediately stop supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces, and must hold accountable all the responsible for the ongoing violations committed against civilians, especially children and youth.”

This came in response to the new campaign of arrests against dozens of young men from the city of Manbij in Aleppo countryside for forced recruitment.

Rahma added: “the Syrian Democratic Forces follow Assad regime’s approach of arrest, repression, torture, the continuous targeting the safe and civilian areas in northern Syria, and repeatedly sending the cars and motorcycles bomb towards the popular markets and densely populated areas.  

He stressed the need to impose a mechanism to hold the Syrian Democratic Forces accountable for the ongoing violations and lift off any international cover on them.

It is noteworthy that local and human rights networks documented the detention of more 20 young men from the neighborhoods of Manbij city on April 17 and about 75 others from different areas in Al-Raqqa city on November 26, as a part of systematic campaign targeting the youth to forcibly recruit them.      

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