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Israel to Bashar al-Assad: “One of your palaces is on the list of targets”

An Arab press report stated that Israel threatened Bashar al-Assad that one of his palaces could be targeted, and warned him against supporting the Iranian presence in Syria and making it a corridor for smuggling quality weapons.

The threaten comes days after bombing Damascus International Airport. Israel confirmed that it targeted a new Iranian line for smuggling used civilian flights to transfer military equipment.

The London-based Arabic news site Elaph said on Monday, quoting an unnamed senior Israeli official as saying: Israel sent a threatening message to Bashar al-Assad, warning him of covering up Iran’s operations in Syria or transferring quality weapons to it.

The official clarified that Israel is preparing for operations deep inside Syria, without informing Russia. He pointed out that Russia knew about all strikes in the past months in all regions, hours before their occurrence.

The Elaph site indicated that Russia submitted a strong objection to the Israeli leadership following the disruption of the airport, and threatened to change the rules of the game in Syria and abandon the foundations of “security coordination” between the two countries.

The Russian Foreign Ministry had previously issued a statement strongly condemning the Israeli strikes on Damascus International Airport, and called on the Israeli side to stop this evil practice.

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