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Cease-fire agreement comes into force in the Gaza Strip

The Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” movement announced in a statement yesterday a cease-fire agreement with the Israeli army in Gaza by Egyptian mediation.

The “Islamic Jihad” movement said in a statement that the ceasefire agreement started at 23:30 yesterday night after three days since the start of Israeli military operation in Gaza Strip.

The “Islamic Jihad” movement welcomed the Egyptian efforts to end the current state of tension in the Gaza Strip.

It stressed in the same statement that it has the right to respond to any Israeli bombardment targeting the Gaza Strip.

It added that the agreement came after Egypt promised to work on releasing the hunger striker prisoner Khalil Awawdeh and the prisoner Bassam al-Saadi before the movement confirmed in a statement the ceasefire.

Hours before the agreement came into effect, the Gaza Health Ministry said that the death toll of Israeli bombing on the Strip rose to 44, including 15 children and 4 women, in addition to 360 wounded.

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