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The negotiating committee has reached a ceasefire agreement in Tafas city

The “Ahrar Houran Gathering” quoted a source in the negotiating committee in Tafas city in Daraa countryside as saying yesterday: “a new agreement has been reached providing for a comprehensive ceasefire in Tafas city.”

The ceasefire agreement came during a meeting between the negotiating delegation and the Military Security’s General Louay al-Ali in Daraa city. The meeting was attended by “Khaldoun al-Zoubi”, “Mohammed Jadallah Al-Zoubi” and Colonel “Abu Munther al-Dahni”.

The city of “Tafas” was subjected to a military escalation during the past days in light of Assad forces’ attempts to storm it. The local militants confronted, on Friday, an attempt to advance the Assad regime forces and the Iranian militias in the southern neighborhoods of Tafas city, coinciding with artillery shelling targeting the city’s neighborhoods and the farms surrounding them from the southern side.

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