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Erdogan expresses his regret over the position of the Turkish opposition concerning the Syrian refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his regret over the positions that the Turkish opposition pledges to deport if they take power, stressing that “the Syrian refugees are all guests and did not leave their country of their own volition.”

This came during statements he made in a meeting with African youth at the Ummah Library in the capital, Ankara, on the sidelines of The 3rd Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit .

Erdogan stated that Turkey is currently hosting about 5 million asylum seekers, including about 4 million from Syria and others from Iraq.

Erdogan explained that “these refugees left their land because they could not find possibilities to live in it, and that Turkey opened its doors to them and embraced them, and it cannot expel them at all.”

It is noteworthy that Istanbul hosted the third summit of the “Turkish-African” partnership between 16 and 18 December, with a wide presence.

Source: agencies

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