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Global Coalition Spokesman: Our presence in Syria is under the authorization of the Security Council

The spokesman for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, Wayne Marotto, tweeted , “The coalition is performing its tasks in northeastern Syria under a mandate of the Security Council, as stipulated in Resolution 2254 issued in December 2015.”

He stressed “the mission will remain as it is in northeastern Syria with our partners in the Syrian Democratic Forces to defeat ISIS and its remnants and ensure its permanent defeat.”

The spokesman for the International Coalition also denied the accusations leveled by the Assad regime and its Russian allies against the coalition forces, saying: “The materials of its elements arrive from Iraq, and the misleading information that says the American forces are stealing oil and wheat from northeastern Syria is not true.”

Wayne Marotto explained that Russia and the Assad regime constantly accuse the US forces of stealing the oil controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.

It is noteworthy that Wayne Marotto warned in statements he made to a local media site in late July that the Islamic State organization will re-emerge if the international coalition withdrew.

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