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Joel Rayburn: Syrian people must decide the future of Bashar Al-Assad family

The United States’ envoy to Syria, Joel Rayburn, said that the future of the Assad regime’s family must be decided by the Syrian people, suggesting that the Assad family will not continue to rule Syria, at a time when the Assad regime confirms that it will hold presidential elections next April.

Rayburn indicated, “It is expected that the citizens will not choose to continue this family in power, and that the Assad regime’s current ability to continue has become weaker. Everyone should not be surprised if it begins to collapse quickly.

Rayburn asserted that the rule in Syria is familial, saying: “The Assad regime began to deal with the son of Bashar al-Assad as the crown prince, and his wife Asmaa turned from a fashion icon to something like a mafia leader with her and her family, and they began to seize assets of other people in Syria.

Rayburn suggested that the next US administration’s policy on Syria will continue to impose sanctions, “especially in light of the presence of a bipartisan consensus on the Caesar Act, stressing that his country is committed to maintaining its presence in Syria to fight ISIS and Al Qaeda.”

He noted that the main factor in finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria is to put pressure on the Assad regime and those who support it to force them to stop the war, especially since the regime is currently suffering from pressures that it has not witnessed before.

Rayburn’s talk about the future of the Assad regime comes about a week after Russia pre-empted the “presidential elections” to be held by the Assad regime next April, by launching statements in support of it, which confirms its intention to disrupt the work of the Constitutional Committee and confirms its continued support for Bashar Al-Assad, who takes the seat of power. 21 years ago.

The regime is expected to hold an alleged “presidential election” in which Bashar al-Assad will participate in April of this year, running for a fourth term, as he has previously won three states in a row. The National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces confirmed last November that “neither the coalition nor the majority of the Syrian people can participate in or recognize elections in which this murderer (Bashar al-Assad) takes part

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