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New procedures and facilities for Syrian passengers in Jordan

The Jordanian government issued new facilities for Syrian passengers travelling through the Queen Alia International Airport in the capital Amman, aiming to activate the country’s economic by benefiting from the travel of Syrian through its territories, and making the Queen Alia Airport the best option for Syrians instead of the Lebanese capital Beirut airport.

According to Jordanian sources the new decisions exempt all Syrian passengers from airport fees who are travelling via Royal Jordanian Airline. The new decisions also permit for Electronic visa holders to cross, and those who have an appointment to meet an embassy in Amman within a mechanism that will be submitted at the beginning of the new year.

Jordanian Airlines will also introduce offers and discounts on reservations, and people who have obtained an electronic visa will be allowed to transit after verifying their validity.

It is noteworthy that the new procedures are an encouragement to bring Syrians to travel through Jordanian territory instead of the Lebanese capital, to benefit economically from these trips, especially since Syrians are flocking to travel to Arab and Western countries through Beirut airport, due to the sanctions imposed on the Assad regime, including Damascus Airport.

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