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The Coalition: The opportunity is still available for the international community to provide support for the Syrian people

The Syrian National Coalition confirmed yesterday that the international community made wrong choices and positions, which lead to major disaster in Syria and the world.

This Coalition issued a statement on the 11 anniversary of the start of the Syrian Revolution and said: The opportunity is still available for the international community to correct the wrong choices it has made by providing real and effective support for the Syrian people.

The Coalition expressed its hope that his year will be the last one for Syrian people who have suffered from asylum, displacement, arrest, harassment, and torture. The next anniversary will bring with it freedom, justice and dignity for the Syrian people and achieve political transition and demise the Assad regime.

The Coalition called for “supporting the Syrian people and its military and political forces in order to end the rule of tyranny and terrorism represented by the Assad regime and its enablers: Iran and Russia, and to build a civil, democratic, and active state in the region and the world.”

The Coalition stressed that “the world today is required more than ever to stand with the Syrian people who have made enormous sacrifices, and called for lifting the cover from the criminal Assad regime and expelling it from any international organization.”

The coalition called for “supporting the free people of Syria in their struggle against the Assad regime, and thwarting Russian projects aimed at rehabilitating the Assad regime and to stand up to the Iranian regime’s malicious plans to spread hatred and sectarianism.”

The Coalition pointed out that “the international community was dealing with the revolution as a crisis that erupted in a remote country, rather than a fire that erupted in a neighboring field. It therefore dealt with the revolution according to the approach of crisis management, rather than conflict resolution, which cost the Syrian people more sacrifices. This approach also proved very costly for the international community itself.”

The Coalition stressed that ” the Assad regime and its allies have failed to extinguish the fire of the revolution or dissuade the Syrian people from their just demands, foremost of which is the overthrow of the Assad regime.”

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