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The UN envoy to Syria expresses his optimism about achieving progress on a political solution next year

The UN envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen expressed his optimism that progress will be achieved in the framework of a political solution in the country during the next year, considering that the parties to the conflict have reached dead ends.

During his briefing to the UN Security Council on Monday, Pedersen said that the conflicting parties on the ground have reached dead ends and the costs of continuing situation have become very high, stressing that all parties have not been able to resolve the situation.

Pedersen explained that the solution to the Syrian conflict is not limited to the conflicting parties, but rather includes the international actors and influencers in the Syrian file.

The UN envoy stressed the need for the parties to take advantage of opportunities to address humanitarian needs and work to expand early recovery efforts in Syria.

Pedersen called on the conflicting parties to take measures to strengthen confidence among them and work to advance the political track in line with international resolution 2254.

He explained that holding a new round of the Constitutional Committee’s meetings is mainly linked to reaching understandings with all actors and influencers, including civil society, revealing that he held bilateral meetings with representatives of the European Union, Russia, Qatar and Turkey in the Swiss city of Geneva.

He also revealed his intention to hold new meetings with the various parties influential in the Syrian file next year, expressing his hope that all parties would be able to identify and agree on gradual, reciprocal and real steps.

The UN envoy to Syria had indicated, during his briefing yesterday, that the parties to the conflict in the country had fallen into a “strategic impasse.”

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