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The United States officially rejoins to Paris Climate Agreement

Today, Friday, the United States officially returned to the Paris climate agreement, 30 days after President Joe Biden issued an executive order regarding this step, his first day in office.

The American “NBC News” network said: “Today, the decision signed by US President Joe Biden, hours after the swearing-in ceremony, will come into effect, asking for his country to return to the Paris climate agreement.”

The US envoy for climate affairs, John Kerry, will participate in online events today to mark his country’s return to the agreement, and include meetings with the British and Italian ambassadors, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and UN climate envoy Michael Bloomberg.

195 countries signed the agreement in December 2015, and it is the first international agreement to combat the catastrophic effects of climate change worldwide, and it was reached after lengthy negotiations between representatives of countries, according to which the signatory countries commit to contain the rate of global warming.

The United States was the only country that withdrew from it, when former President Donald Trump made the decision to withdraw on November 4, 2020 due to his claim that fighting climate change is very costly.

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