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The World Health Organization: No proof yet “Omicron” COVID strain is worse than “Delta”

The World Health Organization said in a statement, there is not enough evidence to show that the new Corona mutant “Omicron” is more dangerous than the “Delta” mutant.

The organization stated that “it is not clear whether “Omicron” is more capable of transmission from one person to another, compared to other mutants, including Delta.”

The organization indicated that epidemiological research is underway to determine whether this phenomenon is related to “Omicron” or other factors lie behind it.

The organization did not rule out that the reason for the increase in the number of patients receiving treatment in South African hospitals is the increase in the total number of infected people, and not their infection with the “Omicron” mutation in particular.

The statement indicated that the World Health Organization does not have information to prove that the symptoms associated with the “Omicron” strain differ from the symptoms associated with human infection with other strains of the “Corona” virus, adding that determining the severity of the new mutation may require time ranging from several days to several weeks.

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