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Turkish Red Crescent: We provided humanitarian aid to 33,000 families in Idlib

The Turkish Red Crescent Society has provided humanitarian aid to needy families in the Idlib region, by providing their daily needs (bread, food, and clothing).

Kadir Kemaloğlu, the head of the Red Crescent, said “As the Red Crescent, we meet the daily bread needs of 33,000 families in Idlib. We provide food and hygiene assistance to an average of 17,000 families per month”.

Kadir Kemaloğlu added that the Red Crescent Society meets the clothing needs of 1.5 million people in Idlib.

He continued “We meet the water needs of approximately 17 orphanages and 11 camps, and we have built more than a thousand homes for war-affected families in Idlib, in conjunction with distributing coal to the needy and schools to be used for heating purposes.”

The Red Crescent Society continues to provide humanitarian aid to poor families in Idlib area, mainly covering their needs of shelter, food and heating.

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