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Two civilians were killed and others injured in airstrikes on the outskirts of “Taltita” village northwest of Idlib

Two civilians were killed and others were wounded today, Monday, after Russian warplanes targeted with vacuum missiles the vicinity of “Taltita” village in Jabal Al-Summaq, northwest of Idlib.

The Fresh Online correspondent said that Russian warplanes targeted Jabal Al-Summaq area, east of Kafr Takharim city in Idlib countryside, with vacuum missiles, killing two civilians and  injuring seven others who were working in agricultural land.

The correspondent added that the bombing resulted in a disruption of the internet in Kafr Takharim city after Russian strikes targeted internet and communication towers in the area.

For months, Idlib governorate has been witnessing a military escalation by Assad regime and Russian forces, despite the agreements concluded with Turkey and the emphasis on the need to maintain the truce.

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