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Washington expresses its regret over the continued civilian casualties in Idlib

The United States of America condemned the continuation of the Assad regime’s bombing of Idlib countryside, expressing its regret for the civilian casualties.

The US embassy in Damascus, “virtual”, said on Facebook, “Washington strongly condemns reports that speak of another attack on Idlib, which resulted in the death of many children and other civilians.”
“Civilians, especially children, should never be targets,” she added, noting that America supports efforts to hold Assad and his supporters accountable for these ongoing attacks.

The forces of the Assad regime and Russia are continuing to commit massacres in Idlib governorate, and to kill more civilians, disregarding the agreements and understandings concluded with Turkey on the region, and without heeding the international and UN calls that come out from time to time to demand a halt to the escalation in northwestern Syria.

On Thursday morning, the people of Jabal al-Zawiya woke up to a new massacre committed by the Assad regime forces in the town of “Iblin”, which killed 7 civilians from the same family, more than half of them children, in addition to wounding 7 others.

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