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Zelensky : The dead soldiers are not being picked up by anyone

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that 14,000 Russian soldiers were killed during Russia’s war on his country.

This came in a video address, in which he brought up tens of thousands of photos of Russian soldiers who were killed by his country’s forces.

Zelensky said “In the hotbeds of particularly fierce fighting, the corpses of Russian soldiers are scattered, in our front lines of defense”, and these dead bodies are not being picked up by anyone.”

He added that he might understand that Russia has nearly endless reserves of soldiers and military equipment, but I would like to know from the citizens of Russia, what has happened to you over the years, and you have not noticed your losses?”

Zelensky reiterated that 14,000 Russian soldiers have been killed so far. He said: “These are14,000 fathers, these are wives, these are children, relatives and friends. And you don’t notice it? ”

It is not possible to independently verify the Ukrainian census of the number of Russian soldiers who died nor can it be counted the military losses of Ukraine, which the country’s leaders estimated at about 1,300 soldiers, about a week ago.

So far, Moscow has confirmed that the number of Russian dead among its forces is only about 500.

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