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Iranian Foreign Ministry comments on the recent US airstrikes in Syria

The Iranian foreign minister, Nasser Kanaani, claimed that the military presence of US forces in Syria is an “occupation”, “IRNA” news agency reported on Friday.

The Iranian official described the airstrikes launched by the US-led international coalition on Iranian military sites as an “illegal aggression”.

Kanaani tweeted that the US recent targets represent a clear violation of Syrian territorial integrity.

Kanaani denied any links between Iranian militias and the groups targeted by the United States in Syria.

On the other hand, the Commander of the US Army Central Command, Michael Kurilla, confirmed that his country’s forces will respond to the attacks that target US troops in Syria, pointing out that Iran will not go unpunished, according to a statement issued by the US Central Command.

It is noteworthy that the US president Joe Biden had earlier declared that he authorized the strikes on Iranian military sites in Syria in response to targeting two US bases in Deir Ez-Zor  

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