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The US State Department: “We will not support efforts to normalize relations with the Assad regime, who is a brutal dictator.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, the US State Department commented on the visit of an Emirati delegation headed by Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Syria and its meeting with Bashar al-Assad.

The US State Department spokesman Ned Price said “the United States is “concerned” by the meeting of Abdullah bin Zayed and Bashar al-Assad”.

Price added that the US does not support any efforts to normalize or upgrade its diplomatic relations with the Assad regime nor do we support other countries normalizing or upgrading their relations given the atrocities that this regime has inflicted on its own people.”

Price urge states in the region to carefully consider the atrocities that this regime, that Bashar Al-Assad himself, has perpetrated on the Syrian people over the last decade.

Price stressed that that his country is still committed by working with its international and regional partners to find a political solution to end the Syrians’ tragedy.

Price considered that a political solution in accordance with UN resolutions is the only solution to the Syrian crisis, pointing out that “stability will return to Syria when the Syrians’ demands are fulfilled.”

The US State Department spokesman indicated that his country is working on several goals in Syria, most notably the continuation of humanitarian aid to the needy, the continuation of the fight against ISIS, holding the perpetrators of crimes accountable in Syria, and working to establish a cease-fire there.

Price’s statements came hours after an Emirati delegation headed by the Foreign Minister arrived in Damascus and met with Bashar al-Assad in a visit that is considered the first by an Arab official since 2011.

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