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“Civilians should not be a target”… The United Kingdom calls for holding the perpetrators of al-jadida massacre accountable

The British Embassy in Syria (The British Embassy in Damascus) published a tweet calling for the perpetrators of “al-Jadida” massacre in Idlib countryside to be held accountable. The Russian warplanes committed the massacre in a poultry farm inhabited by civilians on the outskirts of al-Jadida village, in Idlib western countryside, killing seven civilians including four children from the same family, and wounding 12 others including eight children.

The Embassy said that the news of the loss of civilian lives is “horrific”, and that civilians in Idlib “should not be a target,” explaining that it continues to support the Syrian Civil Defense Organization.

The embassy also tweeted that holding all perpetrators accountable is a necessity and that it stands with the victims and their families.

It is noteworthy that the massacre committed by the Russian warplanes came days after the conclusion of the tripartite summit of the presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

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