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Idlib Health Directorate: More than 23 thousand people have received corona vaccine in the second phase of vaccination

The number of vaccinated people in Idlib city has exceeded 23 thousand people.

Idlib Health Directorate has said that the number of vaccinated people through the second phase of vaccination between, August 21 and September 4, has so far reached  23 thousand including 15,293 males and 7,980 females.

According to statistics, the residents of Atmah town, in which camps of displaced people are spread, were the most people to get vaccinated against coronavirus with 4,430 doses through the second phase followed successively by residents of Idlib, Sarmada, Harem, Ariha, Maarrat Misrin, and Jisr al-Shughur.

The number of new cases has decreased slightly in northwestern Syria, according to what the Early Warning Network announced yesterday. This was after weeks of continuous rising in infections rate.

The network has indicated that the low rate of infections is connected to the decrease in the number of swabs, stressing that the infections rate is still high.

Last Friday, the third batch of vaccines against Coronavirus (Covid-19) arrived in Idlib, and were received by the Health Directorate.

The regions of northwestern Syria are provided with anti-Coronavirus vaccines, through the “Covacs” program of the World Health Organization, which gives vaccines to poor countries free of charge.

The medical sector in northern Syria is witnessing a weakness in financial capabilities, a lack of medical equipment and supplies, and the inability of health authorities to control the epidemic well, in light of the continuation of the vaccination campaign against the virus.

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