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Zakharova: The US military is a “liar” about its role in the victory over terrorism in Syria

Today, Thursday, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, accused the US military of lying about its decisive role in the victory over “terrorism” in Syria.

This came in a press statement, in response to the statements of the Commander of the US Central Command, General Frank MacKenzie, that reducing the US military presence in the Middle East may allow Russia and China to fill the power vacuum and expand their influence.

Zakharova claimed, “For some reason, MacKenzie concealed from public opinion the fact that the presence of the American armed forces on Syrian soil did not gain permission from the Damascus government (the Assad regime), which makes the presence of these forces in itself illegal,” ignoring the illegitimacy of the Assad regime and its crimes.

Continuing against the Syrian people.
She added, “An addition characterized by lies and deceit, the words of the commander of the US Central Command, who attributed the only role to the American army in the fight against the” Islamic State “and to prevent the resumption of its activities inside Syria.
Yesterday, a US State Department official said that the US military presence in Syria focuses specifically on fighting ISIS.

Source: Agencies

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