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Washington will provide $756 million in humanitarian assistance for Syrian people

Washington announced Wednesday that it will provide $756 million in humanitarian aid for the Syrian people.

Washington’s announcement of the aid came in a session held currently by the Security Council at the UN permanent headquarters in New York in which the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, confirmed that her country will provide Syria with $756 million to meet the dire needs of the Syrian people.

Greenfield said: “The United Nations continues to put pressure on Assad regime and Russia to fulfill their commitments towards the Syrian people, and it is time for them to take the responsibility for the violence and insecurity.”

Greenfield added that “the Syrian people is still in danger, and Cholera outbreak poses a grave threat to the Syrians, which is another crisis facing the Syrian people who have had to endure over 11 years of conflict.”

Greenfield also confirmed that her country has been a strong supporter of the Syrian people and that is why we have pushed so hard over the past years to extend the Syrian cross-border humanitarian aid mechanism for one year. “Washington must extend the mechanism in January for another 12 months.”

Greenfield pointed out that this new assistance will provide urgent relief for millions of displaced and refugees. It will help humanitarian partners to provide clean water, food, and support the early recovery programs across the whole country.
She called on other countries to join the United States in doing more and providing more aid to the Syrians, stressing that they cannot act alone.

She concluded that “the only permanent political solution for this conflict is the one that will allow the Syrian people to reconstruct and recover. Achieving permanent and just peace is the only solution.

The United States has announced more than $800 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the Syrian response.

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