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Five were killed in Israeli airstrike on Damascus International Airport

Five members of the Assad regime forces were killed early on Saturday due to an Israeli airstrike carried out by Israel on Damascus International Airport and other positions south of the capital, according to “SANA” News Agency.

“SANA” news agency quoted a military source as saying: “The Israeli army carried out at approximately 12:45 am, on Saturday, an air aggression with rockets from the northeastern direction of Lake Tiberias, targeting Damascus International Airport and some points south of Damascus city.

The source added that “the attack led to the death of five soldiers and caused material damage.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that “Israeli shelling targeted sites in al-Ghasula farms near Damascus International Airport and the vicinity of al-Sayeda Zainab and al-Kiswa area in Damascus countryside, where pro-Iranian militias are stationed.”

Israel has intensified its strikes on Syrian airports during the last period. The last attack was on September 6, as Israel launched a missile attack on Aleppo International Airport, followed by another targeting of military positions in the vicinity of Damascus, including Damascus International Airport and military sites south of the capital, which led to the killing of five soldiers of the Assad regime and material damage.

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