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Jordan seeks to end the “war” in Syria… The Biden administration rejects normalization with the Assad regime

The Jordanian King stated during a meeting with the senior political officials in Jordan that the kingdom seeks to find a solution to the Syrian crisis and end the war in Syria with preserving the unity of the Syrian territories and guaranteeing the return of the Syrian refugees, according to Jordanian news agency.

The king Abdullah II added during the meeting that Jordan seeks to cooperate with Egypt and Iraq to build an economic network which will reflect on the region, especially that the Jordanian army seeks to combat smuggling operations from Syria towards Jordan, including drugs and contraband.

The Jordanian king Abdullah II said that the kingdom is continuously pushing towards a political solution to the Syrian crisis, in light of talking about Jordanian mobilization to end the ongoing war in Syria.

The talk about mobilization came after previous statements of the Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi to the Emirati newspaper “The National”, in which he said that “his country is mobilizing international and regional support to carry out an Arab-led political process” to end the war in Syria, saying, “I can frankly say that everyone wants to see an end to the Syrian crisis, and everyone is open to any mechanism that can achieve this aim (ending the Syrian crisis).”

American position

Although the president Biden’s priorities are directed to international files and are away from the Syrian file, the first of which is the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Biden administration has confirmed its rejection of any attempt to improve or normalize relations with the Assad regime, al-Araby al-Jadeed newspaper quoted an official in the US Department of State.

The US official told the newspaper, that the US government “does not support efforts to rehabilitate the Assad regime or its president Bashar al-Assad, and the United States will not normalize its diplomatic relations with the Assad regime.”

It is noteworthy that the Assad regime suffers from international isolation imposed on it by US and European sanctions against Bashar al-Assad and senior officials of the regime, in conjunction with attempts to break this isolation by some countries that support it, such as the UAE.

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