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SNHR welcomes the Human Rights Council resolution that Syria is not a safe country

The SNHR issued a statement on Monday, welcoming the Human Rights Council’s resolution, which affirmed that Syria is an unsafe country for the return of refugees and displaced people due to the ongoing violations of the Assad regime.

The SNHR condemned in its statement the countries which voted against the resolution, stressing that by their votes they stand by the Assad regime who committed crimes against humanity and is linked to the interests with Russia in favor of the Assad regime.

The United Kingdom submitted the draft resolution on behalf of France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Qatar, Turkey and the United States of America, and those countries voted in favor of the resolution, in addition to Japan, Honduras, Luxembourg, Poland, Ukraine and other countries.

Six countries rejected the resolution (China, Bolivia, Cuba, Eritrea, Venezuela and Armenia), while12 countries abstained, including four Arab countries (Libya, Somalia, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates).

International human rights organizations, led by “Amnesty International” and “Human Rights Watch”, had previously called on the United Nations last September to stop programs that could stimulate the early and unsafe return of Syrian refugees to their country, stressing that “Syria is unsafe to return of refugees.”

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