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The Syrian Islamic Council announces its support for the popular demonstrations in Idleb

The “Syrian Islamic Council” issued a statement announcing its support for the popular movement taking place in Idleb and its countryside against the “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham” (HTS), since last February 26.

The Council said in the statement: “We have been following what is happening in northwestern Syria, regarding the demonstrations against injustice and tyranny since their beginning.”

The Council added: “We consider this popular movement in all its forms, from demonstrations to sit-ins and protests, as a legitimate right for all citizens, as the Syrian people did not rebel against the corrupt and unjust Assad regime to be replaced by a corrupt and unjust gang.”

The Council confirmed the criminalization of all forms of injustice, such as imprisonment, torture, imposing taxes, and exceeding the judiciary’s authority. It also called for the oppressors to be held accountable for what they committed against civilians in the northwestern region of Syria.

The Council believes that getting out of this situation requires choosing a competent leadership that emanates from the free will of the people, which requires reviving the real effective role of the revolutionary elites.

The city of Idleb and its countryside have witnessed activists and civilians holding popular demonstrations against “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.”

The demonstrators calls for the departure of “Abu Mohammad al-Julani” and the revealing the fate of detainees and disappeared people in the “Tahrir al-Sham’s” prisons, in addition to their demands to lift taxes and dissolve the Public Security Service.

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