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Israeli airstrikes target the Scientific Research Center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside

Israeli airstrikes targeted Scientific Research Center in Jamraya area, in addition to Assad regime positions in western Damascus.

SANA news agency quoted a military source as saying: “The Israeli warplanes launched last night, 31 March 2024, an aerial aggression from the direction of the Syrian occupied Golan, targeting several points in Damascus countryside.”

SANA added: “The Israeli airstrikes resulted in the injury of two civilians and some material losses.”

While local sources reported that “The Israeli shelling targeted the Scientific Research Center in Jamraya town in western Damascus, in addition to sites in the Dimas area near the Damascus-Beirut highway, in addition to a house located in the Qudsaya suburb western Damasus.”

The sources pointed out that “The people of the areas surrounding the town and some neighborhoods of the capital confirmed the spread of unpleasant smell following the shelling of the research center.”

Israel had previously carried out violent strikes on sites near Aleppo early on Friday, March 29, resulting in the killing of more than 40 civilians and military personnel, including 5 Hezbollah militia members.

Since the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011, Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes in the country, targeting positions of Assad regime forces, Iranian militias, and the Lebanese Hezbollah militias.

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