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The Syrian Negotiation Commission submits two policy papers on detainees and truth commissions with the presence of international organizations

The Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC) submitted two policy papers on the issues of reparations for the victims of detention and forcibly disappearance in addition to truth commissions issues and its role in transitional justice following the political solution.

The (SNC) organized the event in its office in Geneva, Switzerland, supported by the British Foreign Office, and in the presence of many representatives of the diplomatic missions of the UK, the US, the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Qatar, Italy, several representatives of international organizations, and several Syrian and international civil society organizations.

The (SNC) made it clear that the policy papers are the outcome of researches and consultations over months supervised by the legal office and the detainees and forcibly disappeared persons committee in the SNC. Many Syrian legal experts and specialists participated in the consultations in addition to Syrian civil society organizations and human rights organizations and representatives of victims’ families to formulate transitional justice and reparation programs.

The papers are complemented to legal and human rights files related to the UNSCR 2254 which sets out an internationally-agreed road map for a political solution, according to the SNC.

The SNC considered the issue of detainees and missing persons is a fundamental humanitarian one, and it should be prioritized. Any solution would not be accepted unless this non-negotiable issue is addressed.

The SNC emphasized at the conclusion of the event the importance of achieving a transitional justice following the political solution.

Although the International Court of Justice (ICJ) asked the Assad regime to stop any violations and practices involving torture in prisons and detention centers, it is still continuing these practices against thousands of detainees, despite all international calls for their release.

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