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Washington: Russia and Assad regime hamper the Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings in Geneva

US Embassy in Syria said that Russia and Assad regime continue to find excuses to hamper the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva.

US Embassy tweeted on “X” platform that “Assad regime and Russia’s claims about Geneva lacking neutrality are a stalling tactic to avoid answering to the legitimate will of the Syrian people and resolving the Syrian conflict.”

According to the US Embassy all the previous Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings were held in Geneva.

The US Embassy pointed out that “Russia regularly negotiates in Geneva on other issues such as arms control and humanitarian issues, in 2023 Russia participated in the Geneva international discussions on the conflict in Georgia.

The UN envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen previously announced in his briefing during the Security Council session on Syria at the beginning of last March, that he had issued official invitations to hold the 9th session of the Syrian Constitutional Committee’s meetings, in the Swiss city of Geneva, at the end of previous April.

Pedersen stated that the failure to hold the ninth round of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva is because Russia no longer considers Switzerland a “neutral place, and that the Assad regime’s government did not accept holding the round in Geneva as a result.

Pedersen stressed the importance of holding the Constitutional Committee meeting as soon as possible and continuing its work, pointing out that halting indefinitely would only undermine the credibility of the Constitutional Committee and its work.

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