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The Washington Institute: The US administration should clarify its goal in the regions of northeastern Syria

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy said in a report, “The importance of the presence of American forces in northeastern Syria outweighs the risks of the presence of 900 American soldiers.”

The report stated that the US administration must clarify its goal in the regions of northeastern Syria, in addition to increasing its focus on stability, security and economic development.

The report warned that if the Biden administration failed to indicate its confidence in the local authorities and its clear intention to continue US support, then all the gains made there would be in vain, including regaining the lands of the Islamic State, closing the gaps in the Syrian Democratic Forces, and obstructing Russia and the Assad regime.

The report stressed the need for Washington to give priority to a number of steps, including increasing the State Department staff working on issues in northern and eastern Syria, to encourage the Syrian Democratic Forces to be “more flexible.” The United Nations special envoy to Syria, Geir Pederson, urged to search for a more flexible channel of communication with the SDF and its political arm, the Syrian Democratic Council.

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