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276 cases and 9 deaths from the Coronavirus in various regions of Syria

Various regions in Syria recorded 276 cases of coronavirus, distributed by 141 cases in the north of Syria, and the health of the Assad regime announced the registration of 30, while the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces recorded 62 infections in northeastern Syria.

The Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network in the liberated north of Syria recorded 96 new infections with the Corona virus, thus increasing the total number of infections in northern Syria to 23,762 cases, and the number of tests reached 138,953 tests, and the number of recovery cases was 20,703 cases.

The network indicated that two deaths were recorded during the last 24 hours and that no acceptable cases arrived in the hospital, and thus the death toll rose to 672 deaths in northern Syria, and 45 new infections were recorded in the “Spring of Peace” areas in the northeast of the country, bringing the number of infections to 1414, and 251 cases
Recovery and 17 deaths, after conducting 8,196 analyzes.

The Assad regime’s Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded 30 new infections with the Corona virus, bringing the number of announced infections to 24,559, while 4 new deaths were recorded.
And the “Health Authority” of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced the registration of 62 new infections with the Corona virus in its areas of control.

Most of the Syrian regions returned to record a daily increase in the outcome of Corona, most of them in the areas under the control of the Assad regime, which is ignoring and exploiting the outbreak of the epidemic, while the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces witnessed an increase in the outcome of Corona with the lack of preventive measures, while medical warnings continue about the risks of accelerating the outbreak of the pandemic in the regions of northern Syria with the overcrowding

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