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Moscow accuses Western countries of obstructing return of the Assad regime to the Arab League

The Russian ambassador to Syria, Alexander Efimov, said: “Western countries are seeking to perpetuate the state of division in the Arab world for as long as possible and by all means, in order to prevent the Assad regime from returning to the Arab house.”

Efimov added in an interview with SANA: “These particular players are seeking to perpetuate the state of division in the Arab world for the longest possible period and by all means, including preventing the return of the regime’s government to the Arab house.”

He explained that Russia is convinced that “the return of normal relations between the Assad regime and the Arab countries will benefit the entire Middle East region, and will play a very useful role in overcoming the crisis in Syria and resolving the social and economic issues that resulted from it.”

He said: “Many representatives of international social circles have long understood that the anti-government rhetoric of the regime, which is imposed by some Western capitals, is based on lies and disinformation, and caters only to the interests of a very narrow circle of foreign players.”

It is noteworthy that the Qatari Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Lolwa Al-Khater, said on Wednesday that Doha is convinced that the return of Syria, the “Assad regime’s government” to its seat in the Arab League, is not an appropriate step at the present time.

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