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The United Nations calls for the entry of humanitarian aid into Syria through three border crossings

Linda Thomas Greenfield, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, called on the Security Council to renew the mandate to provide humanitarian aid to Syria through 3 border crossings.

Linda Thomas said: “The draft resolution does not help reach the millions of Syrians who desperately need humanitarian aid, and the Bab al-Salama and Bab al-Hawa crossings across the Turkish border must be reauthorized, in addition to the (Al Yaroubiya) crossing across the Iraqi border.

The delegate added, “Since the closure of Bab al-Salama crossing in 2020, not a single convoy has entered northern Syria, and that there are places in Syria that have not seen an aid shipment for 18 months.”

The draft resolution specifies the extension of the permit for the transit of UN relief trucks to Syria only through the Bab al-Hawa crossings on the Turkish border, and “Al Yaroubiya” on the Iraqi border for another year, starting on July 11.

The issuance of Security Council resolutions requires the approval of at least 9 of its 15 members, provided that none of the five permanent members, namely Russia, China, the United States, France and Britain, object to it.

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