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Response Coordinators: Russia is seeking to prevent the implementation of the draft resolution submitted to the Security Council to bring aid to Syria

The coordinators of the Syrian response affirmed that Russia is trying to work to undermine efforts to impose peace and stability in the de-escalation zone in the Syrian province of Idlib by launching military attacks.

The team said in a statement today, Sunday: “Russia is seeking to prevent the implementation of the draft resolution submitted by Ireland and Norway to allow humanitarian aid to enter for a full year across the Syrian-Turkish border, and to work to limit the entry of humanitarian aid through the Assad regime’s roads.”

The team added that Russia’s attempt to disrupt the UN Security Council resolutions regarding the entry of humanitarian aid across the border is an attempt to monopolize the Assad regime on this aid and use it for political, military and economic purposes and lose it for its humanitarian purposes.

The team drew attention to the proposal submitted by Norway and Ireland to the UN Security Council, for the entry of cross-border humanitarian aid into Syria only from the al-Yarubiyah and Bab al-Hawa crossings, despite the urgent need to return to work within the Bab al-Salama crossing.

In its statement, the team called for activating the third paragraph of Article 27 within Chapter V of the United Nations Charter, in which those who were a party to the conflict abstain from voting, which prevents Russia from voting in any draft resolution on Syria.

The team’s statement stressed the importance of taking all necessary steps necessary to provide humanitarian assistance in all parts of Syria in general and the areas of northwest Syria.

International humanitarian law prohibits targeting civilians, as well as prohibiting starvation of civilians as a tool of war. Syria’s response coordinators call for the continued entry of humanitarian aid across the border to prevent the siege and starvation of civilians in areas outside the control of the Assad regime in order to subject them to return to areas under its control.

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