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Response Coordination Group: The humanitarian response in northern Syria does not cover half of the needs

In a report, the Syria Response Coordination Group confirmed that food prices in northwestern Syria have increased by 400% during the past three months, in addition to an increase in non-food prices by 200%.

Concerning the humanitarian situation in northwestern Syria during the past three months, the team clarified that fuel prices have increased by 350%, and the price of bread has increased by 300%.

The Group pointed out that poverty rates in the north and west of Syria regions have exceeded 90% of the population, while the number of families that reduced the number of basic meals reached 65%.

The Group stated that the average wages of workers in the region have decreased from 900 to 550 Turkish liras, compared to exchange rates and material prices.

The team stressed that the percentage of families that reached the point of collapse during the past three months has increased from 52% to 59%.

The Group warned that the funding operations for the humanitarian response do not cover more than 45% of the general needs, while the proportion of the humanitarian response did not exceed 35% as a general total for the various humanitarian sectors.

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