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The most prominent human rights violations committed by the Assad regime during the past month

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) issued a report, documenting the most notable human rights violations by the Assad regime in April.

The reporting manager at SNHR Sumaya Hadad said: “we documented the deaths of 101 civilians, including 17 children, 14 women, 1 medical worker, and 6 civilians died under torture 3 of them at the hands of Assad regime.”

Haddad added, regarding the cases of arbitrary arrest we documented 194 cases of arbitrary arrest, including 6 children and 3 women at the hands of Assad regime.

The report confirmed that Assad regime forces continue to commit violations despite the decrease in military operations. The Assad forces have been shelling the villages and towns of Jabal al Zawiya in southern Idlib countryside.

Haddad continued that the residents in Assad regime-controlled areas have been suffering from the high prices of food items. She pointed out that the distribution of bread has been suspended due to the siege imposed by the Assad regime on al Sheikh Maksoud and al Ashrafiya neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

It is noteworthy that the tensions between the Assad regime forces and the revolutionary factions increased during the past month, causing deaths and injuries.

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