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Assad regime reinforces its troops in the Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled areas in preparation for the Turkish operation

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, “Mazloum Abdi,” held a press conference in which he said that the forces welcomed the Assad regime’s reinforcement of their forces in Kobani and Tal Rifaat in northeastern Syria. He also welcomed what he called Russia’s significant de-escalation efforts in the region.

The Assad regime has deployed earlier reinforcements in Ain al-Arab and Tal Rifaat. Abdi confirmed that the Syrian Democratic Forces have been working to reinforce Assad’s troops in Manbij, in coordination with the Russian forces. Abdi praised the 2019 agreement between his forces and Assad regime forces under Russian auspices that led to stop Peace Spring operation.

Abdi said that his forces committed to the terms of the 2019 agreement and retreated from the Turkish-Syrian sovereign border with 30 km deep. The forces also opened the way for Assad regime forces to station themselves on the border, but Turkey denied this and confirmed that the Syrian Democratic Forces still exist on the border.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish President said a few days ago that Turkey is gradually working to prepare for the Turkish operation, coinciding with the mobilization of Turkish forces adjacent to the Democratic Forces-controlled areas.

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