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New Israeli strikes target Assad regime sites

Yesterday, Monday, Israeli helicopters hit several military points belonging to the Assad regime in the central and coastal regions of Syria.

According to the Assad regime state media outlet “SANA”, the missiles were fired from Israeli jets flying off the coast of Lebanon, north of Beirut targeting some military points in the central and coastal regions, injuring two members and causing material damage.

For its part, Israel has not commented on the Assad regime’s claims that its air forces responded to Israeli missiles.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation had said that Tel Aviv had closed the airspace and banned civil aviation over the Golan Heights.

It is noteworthy that, on the third of this month, Israeli missiles targeted some military points in the Zakia area in the western Damascus countryside, which led to  material damage, according to loyalist media outlets.

Israeli warplanes have intensified their targeting of sites in Syria, including Iranian ones, since the appointment of the last government headed by Naftali Bennett last June, with Israeli officials’ statements regarding Israel’s unwillingness to tolerate the Iranian presence in Syria.

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