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Syria Civil Defence: Assad regime targeting the schools is a systematic strategy to kill and undermine the educational process

The Syria Civil Defence said on Monday, 1, Jan. 2024, in a Facebook post that “30 schools in northwest Syria were a target to Assad regime forces’ attacks during the previous year 2023.

The Syria Civil Defence considered that targeting the schools and infrastructures is a systematic strategy of killing and undermining the educational process.

The Syria Civil Defence issued on December, 27, 2023, a report, documenting more than 1232 military attacks of Assad regime forces and Russia on north-west Syria during 2023.

The Syria Civil Defence said that the attacks targeted schools, hospitals, civilian homes, and vital facilities.

The Syria Civil Defence documented the targeting of 297 civilian homes, 16 camps, 24 schools, 13 popular markets, 6 medical facilities, 4 civil defense centers, 12 mosques, and 6 water stations.

The report made it clear that the military attacks resulted in the killing of 162 civilians, including 46 children, 23 women, and a civil defense volunteer, in addition to injuring 846 people, including 260 children and 118 women.

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