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The Syrian Coalition: Linking aid delivery to Assad regime’s consent means putting the lives of millions of Syrians as a hostage in its hand

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) said in a statement today, on Monday, 15 January, that “United Nations’ ongoing accept to politicize the humanitarian file through linking humanitarian aid entry to areas not controlled by Assad regime with its previous approval means that UN accepts to put the lives of millions of Syrians as a hostage in its hands.

SOC said in the statement that the donor pledges during the various meetings, especially Brussels conference, are continuing to fall short concerning aids as they do not completely fulfill their commitments.

The statement added that “Linking humanitarian aid delivery by Assad regime’s approval is one of the features of the wrong international handling of the aid file, because the Assad regime is exploiting it as an additional blackmail card that supports its capability to continue to disrupt the political process in Syria.”

The statement pointed out that “The negligence or failure in supporting the population in the regions of northern Syria will make life more difficult for hundreds of thousands of people who only find a tent that barely covers their children from the rain and snow.”

The SOC called on the international community and the United Nations to find a fair mechanism that prevents the politicization of humanitarian issues, especially the aid file, and ensures its constant safe entry, without any discrimination of any kind, to those in need throughout Syria.

It is noteworthy that the Assad regime is the one that used siege and starvation as a weapon against Syrian men and women in various Syrian governorates since the beginning of the revolution in 2011.

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