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US official: We discuss with Turkey bolstering the cooperation to combat “terrorism” in Syria

US Deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, confirmed that the talks during her visit to Turkey focused on re-bolstering the cooperation to combat terrorism and establishing a dialogue about the track which should be followed in Syria.

Nuland made it clear that Washington and Ankara have important interests in Syria, confirming that US will not withdraw from Syria, according to “CNN Türk” channel.

Nuland stated that as it was shown by the tragic events occurred in a church in Istanbul, ISIS still activates in many places and we are partners with Turkey in the war against “terrorism” for decades.

Nuland emphasized the need to continue this cooperation with Turkey whether in Syria or Iraq. Although we sometimes do not agree on how to run this battle, it is important more than ever to bolster our cooperation.

Turkey asked the United States to make actual progress in the F-16 sale, as Yeni Şafak newspaper reported that the two parties also discussed options to ensure that a $23 billion deal is completed smoothly and passed through Congress as soon as possible.

The newspaper pointed out that the two parties discussed the need to end the Israeli attacks on Gaza as soon as possible, as the United States is expected to remain in contact with Turkey on this issue, given that it is one of the main actors in the region.

Al-Monitor website said on January 22, 2024, that the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) proposed a plan to the Syrian Democratic Forces to enter into a partnership with the Assad regime to fight ISIS, as part of a renewed review of US policy towards Syria, which remains under discussion at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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