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Because of its history of destroying hospitals and killing innocent people.. Global Health elects the Assad regime for its executive membership

The World Health Organization announced the election of the Assad regime to be a member of the organization’s executive council, and according to pro-media outlets, the Assad regime will be a representative of the Middle East in this membership.

And the WHO account on Twitter published a tweet saying, “Syria was elected today as a new member of the World Health Organization within the Executive Board, with others who joined recently for 3 years.
While the organization did not mention in its tweet that “Syria” will be a representative of the Middle East, as the Assad regime’s SANA agency stated that “the World Health Assembly voted unanimously in its seventy-fourth session, Syria for membership of the Executive Council of the World Health Organization, represented by the Eastern Mediterranean Region for a period of time.
Three years”.

Among the work of the Executive Council, is what is limited to its name, which is the implementation of the decisions that the organization comes out with as well as the approved policies, as well as providing advice, advice and recommendations in all aspects, but the decision was not in its hands.

The Executive Board is one of three other bodies that make up WHO, along with the General Secretariat and the World Health Assembly, and consists of 34 members who are technically qualified in the field of health.

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