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After the Geneva summit, Russia confirms its continued support for Bashar al-Assad

“We will continue to support Bashar al-Assad,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said in a press statement on Tuesday, following the summit that brought together the American and Russian presidents in Geneva, in which the Syrian issue was at the top of the list of files for discussion.

Borisov added: “Assad’s approach is aimed at restoring the situation in the country to its stability as soon as possible,” as he put it.
Borisov congratulated Bashar al-Assad on his victory in the recent presidential elections, claiming that the results of those elections “confirmed the full confidence of the population of Syria.”

He stressed that a large delegation made up of parliamentarians and members of the Civil Chamber (a consultative institution for civil society in Russia), participated in the monitoring of the elections and “highly evaluated the organization of the polls.”

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister stressed his country’s “principled position in support of Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and the right of Syrians to self-determination, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.”
Borisov had visited Damascus last September, reiterating talk of Moscow’s readiness to “help Syria rebuild.”

Source: agencies

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