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The Netherlands confirms Turkey’s support for hosting millions of Syrian refugees

The Netherlands’ special envoy to Syria, Emile de Bon, expressed his country’s support for Turkey, as it bears a great burden by hosting millions of Syrians for years, in statements he made during his visit, accompanied by a Dutch delegation, to the aid transfer point on the border strip with Syria after receiving information about relief activities in Syria.

The UN aid collection center in Reyhanli, Hatay, southern Turkey.
The Dutch Special Envoy to Syria, Emil de Bon, said that his country appreciates the Turkish efforts to bear the burdens of hosting millions of Syrian refugees on its soil for years.

He added, “The Jilwa Gozo border crossing is important in order to continue bringing international aid into Syria, which contributes to saving millions of lives.”
He affirmed his country’s continued support for Turkey’s efforts, which bears great burdens by hosting millions of Syrians.

He continued, “Words fail to describe the extent of the refugees’ suffering, stressing that the world has not witnessed large waves of displacement on this scale since World War II.”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had stressed the need to update the migration agreement concluded between the Turkish Federation and Turkey.
Turkey hosts 4 million Syrian refugees, the largest number of refugees worldwide.
On March 18, 2016, Turkey and the European Union reached three agreements on immigration and the readmission of asylum seekers.

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