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The “International Rescue Committee” reveals the consequences of 10 years of attacks on health facilities in Syria

The “International Rescue Committee” revealed the devastating consequences of the Assad regime forces’ attacks on health facilities in Syria over 10 years and considered them a “war strategy.”

In a report prepared in partnership with local Syrian organizations, the committee said that the attacks on health facilities in Syria have severely paralyzed the country’s ability to confront the Coronavirus.

The report added, that attacks on health facilities continued in the past year 2020, even with the spread of the Corona virus, hospitals were destroyed, health workers were killed, and many were prevented from receiving life-saving medical care.

The report confirmed that only 64% of hospitals and 52% of primary health care centers operate across Syria, while an estimated 70% of the health workforce has migrated from the country.

The Executive Director of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband, said that with the passage of ten years of war, Syria has become the prime example of the “era of impunity”, as the international community has not taken any measures to hold those responsible accountable.

Miliband added that the international community has an option to lead collective efforts, in order to ensure continued aid to the Syrians, and that it can put in place targeted steps to hold those responsible for the attacks accountable.

Air strikes accounted for 72% of attacks on health facilities, 84% of health workers reported that attacks on health care directly affected them, their team, or patients, and 81% knew patients or colleagues who were killed in the attacks.

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